Gerber Info

Sending your files to Milplex is easy – Just create a ZIP file.

What to include?

1. Create a ZIP file with the design, text, and readme files described below. (See the Link on this page if you need more information on ZIP files). Do not send executable (.exe) files – they will treated as virus contaminated!

2. Gerber G274 or G274X data for each manufacturing layer of your design (each copper, soldermask, silkscreen layer). Include the solder paste layer(s) if you will need step and repeat files returned for assembly information (solder paste stencils).

3. Aperture information (if not embedded) for each gerber file.

4. CNC Drill information with tool codes and X–Y coordinates in ASCII format. Typical preferred options are for Excellon, 2.4 trailing zeroes.

5. Fabrication Drawing (Gerber, HPGL, or DXF are OK formats).

  • Board Outline & all required dimensions
  • X-Y dimension from any hole to a corner of the board.
  • Drill / Hole chart showing hole symbols and finished hole sizes.
  • Material (Type, thickness, copper, etc.)
  • Layer stackup
  • Other notes for finish requirements (Soldermask, Silkscreen. Solder Coat, Gold Fingers, etc.)

6. Array / Panel dimensioned drawing (if applicable).

7. README text file – this is critical to ensure prompt handling of your requirement, to include:(This inforamtion can be part of your email message)

  • Contact information, both purchasing and technical.
  • List each file by name in the ZIP, along with a description.
  • Other information pertinent to your requirement.

This information is essential for on-time, accurate performance. See “Design Helps” section for ways to avoid questions and possible delays.

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