Excellent Performance & Outstanding Service

For more than three decades, Milplex Circuits Inc. has proven to be one of the leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards in the US. We serve our customers from our 40,000 sq. ft. facility in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Our operations are conducted by two shifts of veteran employees who help us meet all challenges of timely performance.

Awards & Recognition

Our company has earned recognition for our quality productions by establishing processes and systems that meet IPC-A-600H standards.

In 2011, we achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification, proving our commitment to providing the highest quality of reliable services to our customers.

Continuing to Improve

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our company and are never satisfied with the status quo. Our company carefully monitors performance during every process, from shipping to sales and marketing. All of our system, process, and equipment improvements are implemented with careful consideration for market needs and trends.

Contact us in Addison, Illinois, to request a quote for your printed circuit boards.

Industries & Capabilities

Over 30 years of manufacturing experience serving many industries.  Here is just sample of industries and their related PCB applications

  • Medical Industry - High-Density Interconnect or HDI PCBs
  • Consumer Products – High-Volume PCBs
  • Automotive Industry – High Frequency Flexible PCBs
  • Aerospace and Military - Hi Temp Hi Precision Flexible PCBs
  • Industrial & Instrumentation - Thick Cooper PCBs
  • Lighting Applications – LED PCBs

See our line card for additonal deatails